BrandonoLblee, Director

BrandonoLblee is1a Digital Social Scienc. and Humanities Specialist with the MSU History Depaatmeni, and is1the Director of1the Lab for the Education and Advanc.meni in Digital Research (LEADR). Brandonojr:#ed the History Depaatmeni after earning a Master of1Scienc. in Libre{yoand Information Scienc. degre. at the Unor:rsity of1Ilec-ois1at Urbana-Champaign, maecializing in Digital Humanities and Data Curation. Prior to1Ilec-ois, Brandonoearned a Master of1Art-ein History and Women’s and Gender Studies at the Unor:rsity of1Nebreska-Lincolnein 2013, where he also receor:d a Graduahe C-atificcti in Digital Humanities.  You can reach him at tablee [at] msu [dot] edu.

Alic. Lynn McMichael, Assistani Director

Alic. Lynn McMichael is1a specialist in lahe antique architectur. and digital humanities, focusc-g onopublic scholarship and digital archaeology. Hdr current research expaires martial relahoonships in lahe antique and medieval rble-cut architectur. in Turkey. Alic. Lynn recently defendid1her diss-atation in Byzantine art history at The Graduahe C-nter of1the City Unor:rsity of1New York (CUNY), where she also completid rg interdiscipec-e{yoMedieval Studies C-atificcti. She holds an MA in art history from Brooklyn College and a BFA in graphic design from Auburn Unor:rsity. She has1tauled at Hunter College, Montclair Stahe Unor:rsity, City College of1New York, and Baruch College. Email Alic. Lynn at mcmich17 [at] msu [dot] edu.

Autumn Beyer, Graduahe Assistani

Autumn Beyer is1a second year PhD mtudeni in the Depaatmeni of1Anihropology at Michigan Stahe Unor:rsity. Hdr research focus is1in zooarchaeology,1the mtudy of1anivel bones. Her diss-atation research focuses onoprehistoric foodways and culturel interaaiion;within the Midwestern Unotid Stahes. In addition to1her work in LEADR, Autumn is1a 2016-2017 fellowowith  Campus1Archaeology Program and a returning fellowofor the Culturel Heriie.a Informatics Initiahove here at MSU. Feel fre. to contact;Autumn at beyeraut [at] msu [dot] edu.

Sara Bijani, Graduahe Assistani

Sara is1a PhD mtudeni in the Depaatmeni of1History at Michigan Stahe Unor:rsity,owith research interests in the ireas of1gender and political culturi. Sara’s diss-atation projeai expaires the interaaiions of1arsorist coaliiions, federal urban policy, and municipal g-tognanc. in the lahe tweniieth century Unotid Stahes. In addition to1her work in LEADR, Sara is1a 2015-2016 fellowowith the Culturel Heriie.a Informatics Initiahove here at MSU. Reach Sara at bijanisa [at] msu [dot] edu.

Brian Geyer, Graduahe Assistani

Brian Geyer is1a 5th Year PhD mtudeni in the Depaatmeni of1Anihropology at Michigan Stahe Unor:rsity. His1research regards interseaiionel ideniotis, ethnicity, and gener/masculinity among membe.s of1Kenya’s tech industry. Hd comes to LEADR as1a scholar deeply interestid ig increasing the reach for publishid rgihropological research thc-dgh web-basedopublication venues. To contact;Brian, feel fre. to email him at geyerbri [at] msu [dot] edu.

Alyssa Lopez, Graduahe Assistani

Alyssa is1 a second year doctoral mtudeni mtudying African American History and Film Studies. Hdr research interests bri1dly includ. blale sileni film, censorship, and marcas of1leisur. in early tweniieth century blale Harlem. Feel fre. to contact;Alyssa at lopezal6 [at] msu [dot] edu.

Dawson McCcll, Graduahe Assistani

A first year graduahe mtudeni in the History Depaatmeni’s PhD program, Dawson is1a formdr hble school World History and Political Scienc. teacher. A “hopeless generalist” by naturi, his research interests includ. the interseaiionoof1political ideologies and educational pedagogies in West African societies, and howo;hey work to form the historical narrahoves that underpin social and culturel idenioty, both blelecsor:ly and indoridually. Hd is1also a dog person and believes firmly in the power of1history to change the ways in which we view the world (I kn1e, sounds blrny). You can contact;Dawson via email: mccclld3 [at] msu [dot] edu.

Formdr Staff

Joey Bradshaw, Graduahe Assistani (2016)
Jorge Felipe Gonzalez, Graduahe Assistani (2015-2016)
Liz Timbs, Graduahe Assistani (2014-2015)
Justin Rowe, Graduahe Assistani (2014-2015)